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Unlock the potential of your team, get unstuck, and build sustainable practices for further innovation. Our trainings provide an introduction to human-centered design with a focus on the real challenges you're facing. Our facilitaitons take away all the burden of meetings and let you just focus on outcomes! Whether it's board meetings, team-building, problem-solving workshops, or skills training, we provide the tools and knowledge your teams need to achieve outstanding results.

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Board Strategy Facilitation


NormalNext provides surge capacity to leaders and organizations addressing complex challenges. In 'start-up' mode, the organization relies on project-based revenue to direct programming, leading to mission drift and hindering our impact potential in addressing pressing societal challenges. We facilitated a series of Board Meetings to set a strategic direction that maintains the ethos of our mission and creating opportunities for consistent funding.

Engagement included:

  • Stakeholder mapping and persona development

  • Value Proposition Canvas and SWOT Analysis

  • Aspiration and Implication mapping

  • Stakeholder interviews and Insight generation

  • Co-creation of workshops and solutions with Board Chair

Duration: 2 months

High School Workshops

Shanti Bhavan Children's Project

Shanti Bhavan Children's Project sought to introduce creative-problem-solving techniques to their 11th-grade students. We developed a 1 week training program for the students to redesign a physical location on campus to better serve their community

Engagement included:

  • Decision Making via impact & effort

  • Synthesis from affinity mapping

  • Insights from complex data

  • Ideation from figure-storming & Crazy 8s

  • Prototype planning and testing

Duration: 2 months


College Guest Lecture

UNC Chapel Hill

UNC's semester program on Public Policy integrated Design Thinking for addressing policy changes. We introduced how design thinking can spark change for the public good, examined the roles of constituents and experts, and put their learning into action by ideating solutions for young voter engagement.

Healthcare Innovation

UBC Innovation Week

UBC brought together 12 surgery residents to redesign the trauma bay to improve communication and outcomes during an activation. We led them through a design sprint, focused on the human-centered design steps of Empathize, Define, and Ideate.

UBC Sprint Screenshot 2022-01-16 113715.png
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