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Designing with your end user from the beginning for effective, user-friendly solutions. Our approach involves engaging with stakeholders, gathering insights, and developing user-centric designs that enhance usability, satisfaction, and overall success for your business and community.

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New Product Development

Wearable Labs

Wearable Labs is integrating real-world data into clinical studies to drive better data quality for clinical researchers. We support the end to end UX/UI process: from conception to development.

Engagement includes:

  • User interviews market research

  • Figma design development of Web App Dashboard and Native Mobile App

  • Collaboration with product owners, software engineers, technical leads, and clinicians

  • User usability testing

  • Rebranding and Website development

Website and Brand Creation

Radiate Works

Radiate Works sought to create an authentic brand identity that captures their unapologetically feminine, human-centered, asset-based approach. We developed a solution that aligned the organization's strategy with their brand.

Engagement included:

  • Brand Equity, traits, perception

  • Visual Identity

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Website Development

  • Website User Experience Testing

Duration: 3 months

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Prototype Development

Class Connect

The COVID-19 Pandemic turned classroom learning into a place of disconnection. We prototyped a new hybrid classroom product to increase connectivity and engagement for seamless educational experiences.

Engagement included:

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Customer and User Insights

  • User Journey Maps

  • Digitial User Flows and Testing

  • Prototype Refinement

Duration: 2 months

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