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Small Business

Observing the small businesses and their customers, I was blown away by how many regulars popped into shops and restaurants across Ward 4. From vegan health food to niche spices, there was never a quiet moment. Every business had a loyal customer who served as an unofficial sales rep to me. I left each store having bought more than I thought I would and likely becoming a regular myself.

It quickly became clear that these small businesses are the lifeblood of the neighborhoods throughout the Ward. Could they hold the key to urban livability?

"We serve our community."

In meeting some of the local business owners throughout Ward 4, the sentiment of local and loyal customers kept coming up. Whether a business hadn't changed in 14 years or just entered the block in the past few years, loyal customers not only kept the business running, but kept owners spirits high.

Ward 4 is full us sustainable urban villages if you know where to look.

Putting a new lens on undervalued urban neighborhoods and reposition them as a premier urban lifestyle village, builds on the cultural legacy and highlights the already existing diverse opportunities to live, work, learn and play. Ward 4 is full of these pockets of livability, sustained and celebrated by the local businesses that make them possible.

Check out just a few of the gems of Ward 4's neighborhoods here:

Brightwood / Manor Park

Senebeb Cafe

A 14 year staple of Brightwood, this is one of the first (and best) vegan restaurants in DC!

Senebeb Wellness

Health food store meets bodega. This has everything you need and keeps the community healthy.


donut run.png
Donut Run

A recent addition to Ward 4, this vegan Donut Shop sells out every weekend, it's a must!

spice suite.png
Spice Suite

These flavors are a foodie's playground, and an "incubator for dreamers." 

What's next?

How might the loyal customer base of these local businesses inform and cultivate the sustainability of each neighborhood?

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