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Leverage design thinking principles to find solutions at the intersection of creativity and viability to create a world that works for all. Our community-centered approach uncovers the root causes of problems and capitalizes on opportunities for organizations to adapt and grow.

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Frameworks for Social Change

Jacksonville Civic Council

The JCC is working to create a foundation that enables Jacksonville, FL to become a destination of choice by enabling lasting social change. We developed frameworks for collaboration, innovation, and action and facilitated the implementation of these processes with the city's business leaders.

Engagement included:

  • Develop tailored innovation process

  • Establish cross-sector collaboration

  • Stakeholder interviews and secondary data collection

  • Persona / Archetype development and empathy mapping

  • Co-creation workshops

Duration: 8 months

Program Creation


The YMCA sought a low-lift, high-impact framework for local YMCA chapters to identify the priorities and activities for their changemakers. We designed a platform to inspire teen leaders to celebrate their ability to be changemakers in their communities.

Engagement included:

  • Secondary Research and Data Collection

  • Site Visits, Focus Groups, and Stakeholder Interviews

  • Testing Sessions

  • App Prototype

  • Business Case and Implementation Plan

Duration: 8 months

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Pitching for Impact Investment

Atlantic Fish Co.

Atlantic Fish Co. is creating a cultivated halibut for a sustainable future. We supported their team in defining and pitching the company to impact investors.

Engagement included:

  • Developing an investment thesis

  • Conducting Due Diligence

  • Assessing Deal Structure

  • Writing investment memo

  • Refining investment pitch

Duration: 5 months

Community Discovery

City Lab

How might Washington DC's Ward 4 welcome economic development that establishes shared prosperity for its residents? We explored the historical context and current lived experiences of residents to imagine a thriving, connected community.

Engagement included:

  • Secondary Research and Data Collection

  • Historical and current-day mapping

  • Community participation and engagement

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Insight generation

Duration: 2 months

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